Meet the Tiny Fuppets on Your Internet Machines

The Tiny Fuppets website describes the creatures as "so small, they could only be friends!" The strange mistranslations are part of the charm of this new animated series from Scott Gairdner (a member of the Funny or Die team and creator of the brilliant Scott Meets Family Circus).

So, they're Tiny Fuppets. No, not Muppets. Gairdner has deliberately avoided pesky Jim Henson lawsuits by calling his characters hilariously awkward names like "Kormit" and "Gonzor." This is where half of the genius of this series comes in: the uncomfortable translations of the Fuppets' Portuguese.

You'll have to see it to believe it (after the jump), but our favorite moment of the day comes in the "Party Pals" episode when Kool-Aid knock-off Mr. Fresh Juice consoles Kormit after Ms. Woman (the Miss-Piggy-inspired character you see above) flirts with the strangely attractive Gumboing. Please watch.

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