Mimi Serenades Big D

Mariah Carey recently pulled an Anna Nicole Smith while accepting a Breakthrough Actress Performance award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards. She slurred her speech and had that "I may have just drank a whole bottle of expensive Champagne by myself" look in her eyes. Girlfriend was definitely drunk. The next day it was a Youtube sensation and all over the tabloid news shows. You know what, though? She's one woman who can get away with it. Mariah Carey has been providing junior high school dances with make out music, film critics with negative reviews and the fashion police with plenty of "twins about to pop out of that dress" jokes for almost 20 years now. Oh, and did I mention that Miss Mariah has had 17 #1 singles...SEVENTEEN! If Mariah wants to get her tipsy on before accepting an award, then damn it Mariah will get her tipsy on. She's definitely earned it with being in the constant spotlight with her May-December marriage to her former manager, the disastrous movie Glitter, having a nervous breakdown shortly after Glitter, and another May-December marriage to Nick Cannon. Maybe she will reenact the whole thing for us when she comes to town this Thursday at Nokia Theatre, 1001 Performance Place in Grand Prairie. For more information on the showtime and ticket info, visit nokialivedfw.com.
Thu., Feb. 18, 2010
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Sarah Johnson
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