Amazing. Just Amazing.
Amazing. Just Amazing.
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In the Ruckus Surrounding Miss Texas' Trump Takedown, You Missed This Amazing Moment

Margana Wood, Miss Texas America 2018, is a lot of things. She's named after her two grandmothers, Martha and Gayna. She's the fourth runner-up in the Miss America 2018 competition. She's a dancer. She's a former victim of bullying.

And as of Sunday night, she's also an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump. Wood received praise for her response during the question-and-answer portion of Sunday's competition, when she said Trump should have called the Charlottesville protest a terrorist attack.

But we learned something else about Miss Texas — who sometimes lists Richardson, sometimes Houston, as her home— that we found even more surprising than her political views: She taught her sorority how to give proper hugs.

This factoid appeared on screen during the talent portion of the competition. Because pageant host Chris Harrison did not demand to know more, we will ask the tough questions:

1. What is a "proper" hug?
2. What kind of hugs was the sorority giving before?
3. Was there a special chapter meeting to learn about proper hugs?
4. What happened if the women were still not giving proper hugs?
5. Did Wood hold a special position in her sorority for said feat?
6. Of all the things Wood has done in her young life, why is this the one she chose to share with all of America?
7. Does her sorority look down on other sororities for giving improper hugs?
8. Why did she dance during her talent portion and not give hugs?
9. Is the end nigh?

We reached out to the University of Texas at Austin's Zeta Tau Alpha chapter and had not heard back at the time of writing.

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