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More Like 3 Minutes and 30 Seconds Or Less: Jesse Eisenberg Talks Acting, Robbing Banks

I first spoke to Jesse Eisenberg, on behalf of Gordon and the Whale, two years ago at Comic-Con when he was promoting Zombieland. He was polite, said thank you and answered all my questions with witty and comical honesty.

A few weeks ago I spoke with him again when he was in Austin promoting Ruben Fleischer's comedy, 30 Minutes Or Less.

In the film Eisenberg has the starring role as Nick, a pizza delivery guy who gets a bomb strapped to his chest and must rob a bank for two thugs (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson) or they'll turn his insides out. Aiding Nick is his best friend Chet, played be the hilarious Aziz Ansari.

This is a rather quick interview and was shot at Home Slice Pizza in South Austin. Among the few things discussed in the interview, we talk balancing comedy and drama, as well as Eisenberg's perfect partner in a bank heist. Enjoy!

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