Most Popular Mixmaster Posts of 2014

Glimpse into Matt Tolentino's Jazz Age Life at the Sunday Social March 30 Meet your friendly neighborhood hep cats, Matt Tolentino and his wife Danielle Bennignus. This lovely couple lives their life steeped in history and they brought some of it to the general public this year by launching an annual Sunday Social lawn party. Keep an eye out for next year's shindig.

Applause 101: Everything You Need to Know About Clapping at a Classical Concert In which our former classical music critic, Katie Womack, dives into when and how it is appropriate to clap during a symphony. And she does it with an interest in making the whole ordeal a little less snooty.

Self-Taught Artist Ricardo Paniagua Creates Art on Assignment This was the most popular artist profile this year, introducing us to Paniagua, a man who brings his dreams to life through his paintbrush.

Valets Suck, So Here Are Five Ways to Mess With Them This silly post came out of an over-abundance of valets in Dallas and a unrealized desire to mess with them.

Learning the Ropes at the Bondage Expo Dallas Everyone loves an inside look at the kink lifestyle, which is what this provided with a little teaser of what to expect at the Bondage Expo that takes place annually in Dallas.

24 Hours at CentralTrak We sent our writer Caroline North to spend the night at the Expo Park artist residency and her report back was one of the best reads on the site this year.

100 Creatives This ongoing series of stories about the cultural entrepreneurs of Dallas has been exceedingly well-received. These short profiles with long Q&A's about process, work, Dallas and history has been a fun way to recognize people we artistically admire.

Dallas Culture Can Sometimes Be Like a Fracking Ride at a Science Museum Party C'mon, that headline makes you want to click.

Where Is Dallas' Iconic Bookstore? A polarizing topic brought to our attention by arts editor Lauren Smart, in which she questions why there is not a centrally located large independent bookstore in Dallas. She reasons Half Price Books doesn't count because it sells mostly used books, which doesn't bolster a literary scene.

10 Dallas Dudes You've Probably Dated Like the post or not, readers clicked the most on this hilarious listicle by writer Vanessa Quilantan. It explored stereotypes and the truth behind them when it comes to men, women, and dating in Dallas.

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