Ale Bonilla, owner of Esoterica Studios in Bishop Arts District, sports his dude blowout.
Ale Bonilla, owner of Esoterica Studios in Bishop Arts District, sports his dude blowout.
Courtesy of Ale Bonilla

Dudes With Long Hair Are Getting Blowouts

Anything a woman can do, a guy can do also.

Well, almost anything. Look, let's not get into politics here, but a bro-out is something that is happening and something you should familiarize yourself with before you head to the salon.

A bro-out is when a dude gets a blowout. You know, a blowout, that thing women do where they go to the salon and pay someone else to shampoo their hair and blow dry it. Now men are doing it, too, and it's taking the world by storm. We think. BuzzFeed posted a video about it, so it's basically fact.

But Esoterica Studios in the Bishop Arts District has been providing blowouts to dudes with long hair for years. Salon owner Ale Bonilla says about 30 percent of his clients are male and 5 percent of them have long hair. And like the women, they get blowouts.

"I think it's just a little bit more acceptable now," Bonilla says. "Guys go to salons instead of barber shops."

He has long hair and a long beard and says he enjoys a nice blowout. It makes the hair soft and silky, and men tend to like the attention their hair garners.

Bonilla says the trend isn't new; it's just starting to gain national attention. It might be because once the man-bun craze was done (praise God), men began wearing their long hair down and wanted to make it soft.

"I think it's just millennials now don't care about brand, gender, race, sex, religion — anything," Bonilla says. "Who doesn't want soft, silky hair? Plus they won't be made fun of."

At Esoterica Studios, it's $35 for shampoo, condition, a blowout and a style lesson if the man isn't sure how to style his hair.

The trend of men embracing self-care routines typically associated with women will grow, Bonilla predicts.

"I see a lot of it when I go to the nail shop; I see guys getting pedicures. I think everyone is just so accepting nowadays."

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