Much Ado About I Dos

Come Friday morning, something like a billion adoring fans will be parked in front of their television sets/computers/digitally-enabled phones for a glimpse of a fairy tale wedding. The effortlessly glamorous Kate Middleton will unite with the ruddy Prince William as legions of ladies the world over hoist their Official Kate and Wills Teacups to the happy couple and wipe away a tear or two with their Official Kate and Wills Tea Towels. I think we're all aware that the last time the world united to watch such a spectacle, the ending wasn't so happy, but the human spirit is generous and optimism is what makes this event so fun. Well, that and taking a shot every time the camera pans in on Elton John. The cynics will say that Prince Charming may turn out to be a total dick in the end, but I really hope that Kate and Wills can make a go of it. And I also have my fingers crossed that I win the over/under on the dress. This stylish storybook event is best viewed in the company of friends and The British Emporium, 140 N. Main St. in Grapevine, will host a house full of Anglophiles beginning at 5 a.m. for oohs, ahhs and complimentary banger and bacon sandwiches. Admission is free, Official Kate and Wills Commemorative Plates are not. For more information, call 817-421-2311 or visit
Fri., April 29, 5 a.m., 2011
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Jennifer Davis-Lamm

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