Must-See Painting of the Day: Michael Reafsnyder's Explosive "I've Got a Feeling"

Some art leaves a singular, momentary impression. Other work sets the mind afire. Michael Reafsnyder's paintings definitely fall into the latter category. In this week's FLP, "I've Got a Feeling," Reafsnyder takes the eye on an amazing race through every scrape, swirl, and, dribble and blob.

Get close enough--we swear--and your eye finds the shape of a smiling face that Reafsnyder appears to have squeezed perfectly from a paint tube. It's a subtle, but bright reminder to cheer the hell up. Just trust us, OK?

There's no perceptible rhyme or reason. The colors race and wiggle and swerve. It's an expression of playfulness that can be best served up close and personal.

See it at the Marty Walker Gallery through December 23.

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