Naked Girls Reading. Tell your grandma you like reading now.EXPAND
Naked Girls Reading. Tell your grandma you like reading now.
Roderick Pullum

NSFW: Naked Girls Reading Talk Pot at "Legalize It" Event — What More Do You Want?

It’s a fairly simple concept. On Friday night, five women will strip down, get onstage and crack open some books. It’s a game plan that Naked Girls Reading has played out across since its first event in 2010.

It's not an act of tantalization, at least not in the way that you might think. These women are looking to arouse your thoughts, and they’re taking the most direct route to keeping your attention — proving a lack of clothes does nothing to preclude one from having something meaningful to say.

Naked Girls Reading retuned to Dallas in a bimonthly format at the beginning of the year. It's not quite burlesque and not quite your average book reading, as simple as the concept may seem at first blush. The nudity is merely a vehicle toward a deeper destination.

The Margo Jones Theater will host the Dallas chapter’s latest event, "Legalize It," with readings about drinking, drugging and the pitfalls between the two. Featuring the vocal stylings (and exposed skin) of local models Courtney Crave, The Dirty Blonde, Honey Hula-La, Pixie O’Keel and Athena Fatale, this month’s event comes just in time for 4/20.

No stone will be left unturned as the women read and discuss the topic of intoxication. The uniquely intimate event will help break down barriers between sexuality and intelligence as guests find themselves entranced by the stories told.

The audience is asked to arrive clothed but is encouraged to bring booze. The event kicks of at 8 p.m. Friday, and tickets are $15. Naked Girls Reading will return June 8 at Margo Jones with a theme of banned books.

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