Namely, Country

I really wish country music stars would get better agents. Namely, agents that will change their name from vanilla to buttered pecan. Case in point—Pat Green. Seriously? I've already forgotten his name. These homegrown folk want to keep it real despite the fat cash they aren't rolling in because they're sticking with their Christian name. Twenty years from now, odds are the Austin singer will have been reduced to mounting a statewide tour playing to dance clubs and reminding people who he used to be. At the same time, Willie Nelson, will still (somehow) be ticking with another huge-ass picnic concert and special duets with up and coming country youngsters. All because everyone can remember Willie. Where are all the Merle Haggards, Johnny Cashes and Dolly Partons? Heck, I can just say Garth or Dwight and you know who I'm talking about. "Hey, you going to the Pat show?" "Who??" Yeah, exactly. Pat Green and Willie Nelson perform together with friends (most notably the Old 97's) Saturday at Smirnoff Music Centre, 1818 First Avenue . For tickets and information visit or
Sat., Oct. 27, 3 p.m., 2007
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Rich Lopez