Natural High

In its continuing campaign to nourish our cinematic bodies, the AllGood Café's July 11 Rock 'N' Reel Night features a doobie duo that would have David Wooderson dazed and content in the front row: Reefer Madness and Grass. Throw in the café's menu—mom's home-cooked goodies made with the freshest ingredients daddy's money can buy—and you have a homegrown night on the town. Everyone past the age of SpongeBob Squarepants knows the late-blooming success of Reefer Madness. This 1936 secret weapon (financing by a church group or the army was never confirmed) against the mass destruction of America by the herbal temptress MaryJane lay virtually unlit until it was re-cut for release on the exploitation film circuit. It became the original midnight movie in the '70s when smoking was still allowed in theaters, preaching to the choir while they rolled their own and munched through leftovers in the lobby. Ron Mann's more sophisticated 1999 Canadian Genie award-winning documentary Grass, narrated pro bono by "Free the Weed" activist Woody Harrelson, contains extraordinary production values, an all-star score and interviews with presidents who have legislated against, as well as the activist-artists who have creatively exercised with, the wacky tabacky over the years. Proceeds from the $5 donations at the door benefit the Video Association of Dallas. Call 214-742-5362 or visit
Wed., July 11
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Danna Berger