Need Sand? Cara Mia Theatre Is Giving Away 20 Tons of It, More or Less

Maybe you read about the sand show in the Trinity Groves warehouse and thought to yourself, I wonder what they're going to do with all that sand? Build a private beach? Donate it to the local sand volleyball league? At this point, all the theater company knows is that after this weekend, they'll need to get rid of it. All 20 tons of it.

Art Con X starts its official takeover of 500 Singleton Blvd the following week, so time is of the essence. Want some sand for your school's playground? Have an art project that could use a few tons? You can have what you can haul. Pick up will be Monday or Tuesday. You can contact Cara Mia's artistic director at 214-769-4326 or david@caramiatheatre.org to schedule your pick up.

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