Nerv Gallery and Studios Now Has an Artist-in Residency Program, One of Few in North Texas

Nerv Gallery and Studios opened back in May with the purpose of gathering misplaced artists and having them put their work on display under one roof. Now, Natalie Vaughan, Nerv's curator, and the rest of her crew are going to make it easier for those artists looking to share their work with Dallas, by using their 25 thousand square feet of space to lease out six individual studio spaces.

The spaces will be available for artist use and art classes for the community. Vaughan said she felt motivated to contribute to the Dallas art scene after visiting Italy back in June and seeing the influence classic works of art there have influenced the world.

"If you want to get something done, you have to lay the groundwork," Vaughan said. "Just get it out there."

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Nerv's project, Vaughan giddyishly explained, is that four residency slots will be available. As of now, only two art residency programs are available in Dallas: Central Trak of the University of Texas in Dallas and a single slot provided by the Fairmont Hotel.

Two artists, Rusty Bouvier and Amy Mary Mahler, both graduates of Nicholls State University in Louisiana, are already signed up for two of the four residency slots come September. Though progress has varied over the past month, Vaughan said, she is anxious to see the project to bloom into its fill potential.

"I feel like right now is our time move forward," Vaughan said. "We want to reach people who do not have much to do with art in Dallas."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.