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New 'Hyper-Reality' Marvel Theme Ride Coming to Fair Park in January

Deep down, every comic book fan wishes for some kind of superpower that would allow them to dish out world justice or attract men or women with a made-for-spandex body.

Next year, fans will get their chance to act out superhero fantasies with The Marvel Experience, a new interactive ride, which receives its world premiere Jan. 9- Feb. 1. at the Cotton Bowl.

The Marvel Experience is a large ass dome that houses a computer animated simulator that lets players fight alongside Marvel heroes such as Spider-Man, Thor, Capt. America and the Incredible Hulk as they fight off a wave of "Adaptoids," Red Skull and MODOK. The ride incorporates "next-generation interactive technology" including augmented reality, multi-person gaming and RFID progress tracking. It also tracks each players' score turning the ride into a giant video game that lets them become part of the show. The entire experience also takes place in a 360-degree environment providing full immersion for the players as they blast their enemies out of the sky.

The touring attraction will also feature a life size model of the Avengers' Quinjet and other Marvel artifacts and replicas. It's like walking into the head of a hardcore comic book fan without performing some kind of illegal medical experiment utilizing some battery cables and an Oculus Rift.

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