New Reality Game Show Seeks Dallas' Home Chefs

Game Show Network is coming to Dallas tomorrow, Saturday, June 2, searching for home chefs with great recipes. It's a new boob tube competitive cooking show for the upper registers of the dial called "Beat the Chefs." Those programs never have much funding, I've seen people win "Chopped" with bologna sandwiches on Wonder bread. You have a real shot at this.

Staffers are looking for non-professionals who are passionate about cooking and have a few signature dishes. (Here's a tip for appearing fancy: Pick either REALLY hard, or REALLY soft meats and cheeses. Anything in between is pedestrian.) Gather up a few friends willing to play sous chef, and roll over to the House of Blues from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Your recipes will be given to professional chefs who will have their own teams of assistants. They'll throw an impromptu spin on your treasured dish and try to prepare it better than you can. If they succeed, you lose. If you succeed there's cash prizes, but the amount hasn't yet been determined.

Tomorrow is just an audition to get on the show: They want teams of extroverted culinary types with interesting recipes. Do us proud, Dallas. If you can't make the audition, email them at Beatthechefs@rrstaff.com.

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