New Year's Noms

With all the Champagne and cocktails you'll be downing as you count down to 2010, don't you think it's a good idea to pad your stomach with some delicious cuisine before you go filling it with alcohol? And considering that hardcore vegan diet you're committing yourself to come January 1, don't you think it's time your gutty works had one last meat-filled hurrah? How's about a four-course meal at Bread Winners (3301 McKinney Ave., 214-754-4940) for $47? Or maybe a pre-Victory stop at Craft (in the W Hotel at 2440 Victory Park Lane, 214-397-4111) for a $125 three-course dinner? Chef Brian C. Luscher, creator of Texas Monthly's Best Burger, hosts a sadly burgerless New Year's Eve with his wife Courtney at the Grape, 2808 Greenville Ave. ($65, 214-828-1981); while restaurants up the road like Cafe Izmir ($55, 214-826-7788) and Woodfire Kirby's ($45, 214-821-2122) offer New Year's cuisine within walking distance of the Granada Theater, where Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, Air Review and RTB2 will take the stage ($15 to $20; visit for tickets). If that's not enough for you, visit for more ideas.
Thu., Dec. 31, 2009
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Noah W. Bailey
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