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Nine Dallas End of the World Parties That'll Make You Forget the Pending Apocalypse

I think the Mayans just had better things to do than extend their dayplanner out, indefinitely. Perhaps they predicted Google Cals and Siri, then took another look at their elaborate and lovely circular documentation of time and thought, "Well, screw that."

So this Friday we'll all share a few human impulses: secretly amassing tinned meats in a pantry; listening to that R.E.M. song -- you know the one -- at least a dozen times; and scattering out into the world in search of other people to be around. We know this because it's what we do every time the end of civilization is predicted and attached to something obscure and farfetched that nobody really understands, like the Mayan calendar, or Zooey Deschanel's singing career.

Since come Friday, you'll be on the hunt, we've put together a party guide to cling to in those (absolutely not) final moments.

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Jamie Laughlin
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