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North Texas Giving Day Says "Your $25 Donation Could Be A Thousand"

Tomorrow (September 13) is North Texas Giving Day, which is kinda like a giant NPR pledge drive, but with funds raised getting channeled to nearly every non-profit in town. It works like this: Pick your non-profits of choice, then give.

Yep. Easy.

It gets better. For every cool $25 you electronically slip a favorite group or place, like The McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Cara Mia Theater Company, Video Association of Dallas, The Dallas Opera, Dallas Black Dance Theatre -- you name it, there will be some percentage-based donation matching through the Communities Foundation of Texas.

But that's not all. Nope. There's a crazy Vegas quality to the day, where $97,000 in prizes are just divvied up an handed out. It's based on all kinds of things, the 2,012th donation gets an extra grand tacked on. Golden tickets are drawn every hour from a pool of organizations that received donations in that 60 minute span. There's all kinds of crazy charitable giveaways, to see the full list, go here. Just remember that tomorrow's happy hour bar tab will work harder if used to support your favorite non-profit.

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