Not Down For The Count Yet

Boxing is alive, but it’s not well, as mixed martial arts replaces it as popular culture’s combat sport of choice — EA stalling new Fight Night video games to focus on Sports UFC is the latest liver punch to pugilism’s popularity. Suggestions to help the sweet science make a comeback: 1. Mix in some big, beautiful women as ring girls. 2. Bonus points for winner of a hot-dog-eating contest between rounds. 3. Stop broadcasting fights on networks, charge exorbitant pay-per-view prices and split into 137 governing bodies so nobody knows who holds which titles. Oh wait, they already tried that. 4. Let fighters kick, choke and grapple. Find out just how healthy the sport is as undefeated WBO featherweight champ Mikey García defends his title against the 33-2 Juan Manuel López, and Alejandro Sanabria tests the promising 20-0 Terence Crawford. Doors open for HBO Boxing After Dark at 6 p.m., giving you an hour to get ready for the 7 p.m. rumble Saturday at the American Airlines Center, 2500 Victory Ave. Tickets ($25 to $200) and more info are at
Sat., June 15, 2013
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Jesse Hughey
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