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Now Available: Limited Edition Nevada Hill/Clay Stinnett T shirts and Posters, by SZOAS

UPDATE: There's only 40 of these posters, selling at $50 a pop. They're officially for sale, along with tshirts. Get 'em, right now.

There's a newish artist promotion company in town and it's repping some of our favorite creative forces. SZOAS was formed by husband/wife powerteam Aryn and Cheri Dalton to champion works by emerging and established talent from the metroplex, and starting this week they'll use two gems from their roster to make your holiday wishes come true.

Set to go live on December 5, SZOAS will sell a limited number of silk screens and t shirts featuring the meta-merging of weirdo/greats Clay Stinnett and Nevada Hill. The prints take Stinnett's Big Tex paintings and mix 'em up with Hill's psychedelic ooze. The result is trippy. Fun. And a mandatory score for outgifting everyone you've ever known, ever.

Keep your trigger finger itchy if you want to get your paws on these highly collectible goods. Hill will print only 40 of the silk screen posters and those shirts will sell faster than the first batch of summer corn dogs. Check it out here.

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Jamie Laughlin
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