O-Oh, It’s Magic!

In Expo Park an unexpected delight sits, waiting to be adored. Guarded by a T-Rex that’s large by human standards, small by a dino’s, is the studio of artist, inventor and magician Edward Ruiz. This is, quite literally, where the magic happens. Ruiz has begun opening up his art space monthly for intimate performances where he and his girlfriend/sidekick, The Lovely Karleena, dazzle with their handcrafted illusions. The room itself is a fascination: The paintings and projects positioned throughout are Ruiz’s own — depictions of artful mischief, all. Last month’s trial run showcased three works dating to the traveling sideshow era — performed parlor style — and ended with Ruiz giving an educational Q&A on how he does all of that fly shit. Yes, this is happening in Dallas. Thanks to Ruiz’s brilliantly absurd skill set, a weekend date night at a magic show is now the hottest ticket in town. It will sell out. Get your $20 dollar ticket for either Friday or Saturday night’s sorcery exploration at sidetour.com. Each show begins at 8:15 p.m. and an address will be sent upon purchase.
Fri., Feb. 28, 8:15 p.m.; Sat., March 1, 8:15 p.m., 2014
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Jamie Laughlin
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