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Oak Lawn's Artsiest Whip

We can infer a few things about this car's mystery driver: an appreciation for elegant, if mature, BMWs; the desire to snarf some Chipotle, as evidenced through this sweet ride's location last night on Lemmon; and an ambition toward counter-cultural paint jobs with a gentle, perhaps unintentional, nod to the under-appreciated, twentieth-century art movement, Orphism.

But, this crummy iPhone shot doesn't do her justice, and we need your help. Are you the owner? Friends with that cat? Send us a brighter pic, as well as the Who, Why, and How, and venture forth from anonymity to bask, vaunting in the glory of our accolades.

Wherever you are, the world is a brighter place thanks to your variagated Bimmer. Artsiest Whip driver, we salute you.

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Brentney Hamilton