Ochre House Deserves Stomps of Approval for Flamenco Drama Buñuel Descending

Not much dialogue, but wow, what sizzling drama in Matthew Posey’s latest play, Buñuel Descending, which enjoyed a short sold-out run at Ochre House. A revival is a must, the sooner the better for this sexy one-act that let music and flamenco dance take the place of words.

This is the latest in Posey’s series of English-Spanish flamenco dramas, a form he seems to have invented at his little storefront theater by Fair Park. Collaborating with Dallas flamenco artists Delilah Muse and Antonio Arrebola, who co-choreographed this show, brings out something wild and thrilling in both Posey’s writing and the married duo’s dancing.

Arrebola stars as surrealist filmmaker Buñuel, rising from a boozy haze to argue with pals Salvador Dali (Chris Sykes) and Federico Garcia Lorca (Ivan Jasso) and then to stop talking and dance through his passion and anger. Wife Jeanne (Muse) joins Buñuel for fiery flamenco duets, their hands caressing the air, their heels pounding rapid staccato beats to original music by Calvin Hazen, Bobby Fajardo and Jose Cortes Fernandez, who play and sing live onstage throughout.

Muse and Arrebola generate heat when they dance together. Her face, lovely as a cameo, says more as she dances than words ever could. He dances and sweats some powerful soliloquies.

Buñuel Descending needs to ascend onto the Ochre House stage again soon. Perro y Sangre, one of Posey’s first plays-with-flamenco, traveled to NYC for a successful run in 2014. Maybe it’s time for an all-flamenco season.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.