Oh, Just You Wait

Imagine how hard life would suck if you had a trio of killers after you. Now imagine how much worse it would be if all three were in your apartment and you were a blind chick. Despite the suckage factor, this premise makes for one of the best plays in the history of time. Sorry Shakespeare, Williams and Chekhov, but if you guys had thought of pitting a very vulnerable young lady against some ruthless thugs, and in the dark no less, then you might be in the same class as playwright Frederick Knott. OK, so maybe I'm no Elaine Liner (Observer theater critic) but for sure, if you're thinking about a night of theater, consider the University of North Texas' production of Wait Until Dark. The play works fantastically with steadily building suspense and a nail-biting scene in the darkness. You'll also realize just how scary a refrigerator can be. Directed by theater student Christopher Rogers, Wait Until Dark runs Friday through Sunday at the Studio Theater on the UNT Campus, 801 N. Texas Blvd. in Denton. Tickets are $5. For showtimes and additional information, call 940-565-2428 or visit danceandtheater.unt.edu.
Feb. 29-March 2, 2008
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