Oh, My Goss

Oh, My Goss Let's address one thing right now. The odds of British pop star George Michael holding your cocktail while you admire a photo in his boyfriend's new Dallas art gallery are, shall we say, slim. (And yes, that "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" T-shirt is a bit obvious.) Still, there is the allure that Mr. "I Want Your Sex" himself could be lingering nearby in the personal art viewing space or drop in unannounced for lunch with his beau. In a status-conscious city like Big D, the aura of celebrity may be all you need to keep the doors open. Fortunately, the new Goss Gallery on Cedar Springs Road has the artistic bones to back up the buzz.

What's all the fuss about? Dallas native Kenny Goss has transformed 3,200 square feet of space in Uptown into a hip and modern enclave for international contemporary art and photography. "Dallas has many serious art collectors who travel the world to purchase pieces," Goss says. "My vision is to bring a truly international gallery program to Dallas that will entice serious collections, as well as those who are looking to build a new collection." Why Dallas? Well, Goss has family nearby, for one thing. In addition, the gallery owner and his aforementioned celebrity partner of 10 years love the city and the high-rise home they share in Turtle Creek (when not at their other homes in London and the British countryside).

Goss Gallery debuts this week with an exhibit of large-scale photographic works by infamous photographer David LaChapelle (not to be confused with comedian Dave Chappelle, thank you). If you've experienced pop culture on any level in the past 10 years, then you've encountered LaChapelle's vibrant, colorful and edgy images. From the magazine covers of Italian Vogue, Vanity Fair or Rolling Stone to album art for Moby and Madonna to directing music videos for J. Lo and Britney, LaChapelle has worked with seemingly everyone. Some of his most unforgettable snaps include a supermodel being devoured by a prehistoric dinosaur for Italian Vogue and white rapper Eminem stripped naked and holding a phallic-looking stick of lit dynamite between his legs. You get the idea.

Serving as director and curator of Goss Gallery is Brit Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi, who will pull double duty while maintaining his other job across the pond as manager of London's prestigious Hamiltons Gallery. "Kenny has been a longtime friend of mine and a supporter of Hamiltons. When he mentioned his desire to open a gallery in Dallas, I knew I wanted to help," Tattoni-Marcozzi says.

In addition to the main viewing space, Goss Gallery also has a cozy bookshop set up with a rotating selection of must-have art tomes. The real ticket, however, is Goss' semi-private "office as a living space" for serious collectors to get to know the art they're considering for purchase. We're guessing your best shot at a George Michael moment is in here. One word of advice, however--bring your checkbook.

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Christopher Wynn