Oh, What a Night

Finally, a family-friendly film has come along that doesn't fill us with the indomitable desire to get a vasectomy. Not to be confused with Unaccompanied Minors (the recently released kid comedy about a group of grade-school students trapped in an airport who have to avoid being systematically deflowered by Wilmer Valderrama), Night at the Museum charts the graveyard-shift shenanigans of a night watchman (Ben Stiller) trapped in a natural history museum come magically alive. Stiller attempts to outrun a T. rex skeleton, evade Attila the Hun, out-smack a monkey and keep Robin Williams from chewing copious amounts of scenery. Even if your childhood daydreams never entertained the notion of a sleepover at a museum where all the exhibits come to life, this seems like a rather entertaining film, as they say, for the whole family to enjoy. However, those who'd prefer to be trapped in a shopping mall fighting off wave after wave of brain-eating zombies are probably better off watching Dawn of the Dead. Night at the Museum opens Friday at the IMAX Omni Theatre in the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, 1501 Montgomery St. For tickets and showtimes call 817-255-9300 or visit fwmuseum.org/omni.
Dec. 22-24; Dec. 26-Feb. 1
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Geoff Johnston