Ollie For Charity

It's sad but true. Every time I set foot on a skateboard, I either fall off or run face first into a car/dumpster/wall/etc. I learned early on to leave it to the experts and just sit back and enjoy the show. Well, whether you're a skater or a spectator, The Edge at Allen Station Park is the place to be Saturday. Together with Imagine Marketing Agency, Crum and Smith Skate Shop (founded by world-champion vert skater Mike Crum) will be hosting the first Skate Chaos in Tejas, a daylong event benefiting Standup for Kids, which recently moved into the neighborhood. Among the day's charity events to raise awareness and volunteers for Standup for Kids (an organization to help homeless and at-risk kids in the area) will be an autograph signing, a raffle and a silent auction, all culminating in a one-hour exhibition featuring pro skaters Willy Santos, James Craig, Pat Duffy, Justin Strubing, Corey Shepard and Mike Crum. And as a special perk for those of you who skate better than I do, be sure to register for the 2 p.m. amateur pre-qualifiers for a wildcard spot at the 2006 LG Action Sports World Championships. Skate Chaos in Tejas starts at 11 a.m. at The Edge at Allen Station Park, 201 E. St. Mary Dr. in Allen. Call 214-509-4760.
Sat., Sept. 30, 11 a.m.
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Jennifer Medina