On John Wiley Price's Strange Land(mark) Dealings

There's nothing more fun than putting people's faces in places where they don't belong.

Wait, let's rephrase that. Maybe it's more fun accumulating so much cars and cash that the FBI raids your offices and home. Or maybe obtaining some land in the most bizarre manner possible, with the help of a couple known crooks. You can read all about the weirdness regarding Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price in this week's cover story, by Jim Schutze.

As far as the cover goes, when it comes to the Federal gov, and when it comes to land, the first thing that came to mind was sculpter Gutzon Borglum's tribute to the first 150 years of the U.S.A in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Many regard it as one of the ultimate pieces of patriotic land in the country, while others felt it a pompous eyesore yielding in many deaths during its development. Enter John Wiley Price's visage; that slippery devil! We can also see that Wash, Tom and Abe are none too happy with their new neighbor. Apparently Teddy's big stick wasn't big enough to keep JWT from usurping that prime piece of real estate. We'll just have to wait and see what the FBI turns up.

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