On Target

One might think that the title of Plush's latest exhibit, Gunslingers and Slayers, is a misnomer as there are no six-shooters, no dusty duels depicted outside a velvet-curtained cathouse and certainly no tin stars. Likewise, there are no sword-wielding warriors of evil or guitar-ravaging tunes. However, Teresa O'Connor, Eric Pearce and Jenny Schlief all brandish their respective artistic utensils with soldier-like skill—O'Connor tackling animated video and drawing, Pearce honoring the pencil drawing with his "Teen Wolf" series and Schlief mounting an installation and video. They've pulled out the big guns, so to speak. (And, pun fully intended, we are indeed slayed by the honesty of Schlief's title, "I Care Because You Don’t/Impressing"...We've just never had the balls to admit it ourselves.) Gunslingers and Slayers begins with an opening reception from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m Saturday and runs through June 24 at Plush, 1222 Commerce St. Call 214-498-5423 or visit plush01.com.
Saturdays. Starts: May 27. Continues through June 24
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Merritt Martin
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