Oral Fixation Swaps Venues, Announces Dates for Season Three

It's following has grown so large that Oral Fixation, Dallas' only night dedicated to true stories, sells each show out in advance. From an intimacy standpoint, that's been nice. Those with the foresight to plan ahead and reserve their seats get an evening of memoirs, shared in a small room by big thinkers. But now it's time for the series to grow, opening up storytelling to a larger, more diverse audience. That means a theater upgrade.

Nicole Stewart, OF's storytelling OG, predicted this transition and spent much of the second season scouting out the city's venue options. She found her perfect match with the Winspear's Hamon Hall, an underutilized 200-seat venue in the Arts District. Now, this little-series-that-could gets side-by-side billing with ATTPAC's other programming, and will even offer season tickets for its upcoming cycle.

Yeah, that IS cool.

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The moves comes with production perks too: like the technical support and built-in infrastructure inherent to a space of Winspear's renown. Also, there's a natural traction that builds from offering a recurring event in the city's arts epicenter, rather than in its previous Uptown destination spot. But for those of us who love Oral Fixation and are too lazy/forgetful/disorganized to buy tickets in advance, this move means something else: walk-up sales with a better chance of seats, and that's a beautiful thing. Season Three tickets will be available on the ATTPAC website in early September.

Here's the line-up for Season 3. (Got a story to tell? Check out the submission page.) "Best of Season 2": Monday, September 30th

"Bun in the Oven": Monday, October 28th

"When in Rome": Monday, December 16th

"Silver Lining": Monday, January 27th

"No Strings Attached": Monday, February 17th

"Elephant in the Room": Monday, March 17th

"Ducks in a Row": Monday, April 14th

"The Whole Enchilada": Monday, May 5th

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