Our 10 Favorite Instagram Photos from #StateFairofTX

Y'all have been taking some mighty pretty shots on your smart phones. We thought we'd share a few of our favorites, like this here photo of the slides from Photofox5000. The only picture I could snap was of Big Tex's bony butt, so thank you for sharing your much more colorful experiences with us.

Or Cbunch's Big Tex from the car show shot.

Elvis is in the building... or under the tent. Caught by thefoodpornographer (also, major props for snagging that Instagram name).

CageyCamper, congrats on taking the most "Texas" Instagram photo ever.

Ah, yes, the mandatory photo of the Texas Star by gfbaby.

Liamsempire had a good dose of schadenfreude when he took this photo on the midway.

We think averyfan got a big smooch after this photo.

As one of theamyfrank's friends commented, "Yayyyy beer."

Here, jemmalee8 reminds us that the best time to visit the fair is at night.

We needed a corny dog picture, so we looked to our food critic ScottReitz, who proves adept at mustard squiggles.

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