Our Favorite Vinyl Thoughts from Last Night

At 7:15 p.m. last night there was already a line of art fans outside the Quixotic World, ready to enter the custom vinyl exhibition that was Vinyl Thoughts inside.

The world of vinyl art toys is ever-growing, partly in thanks to Kidrobot's highly collectible series of Dunny and Munny toys. And yes, the famous devil bunnies, in full regalia, were present at Vinyl Thoughts by way of Azteca-edition Dunny giveaways while supplies lasted.

While Kidrobot's series are dangerously adorable and somewhat addictive for collectors, Vinyl Thoughts showcased a slew -- it's easy to loose count -- of local artists' work that could fill even the choosiest fan's modern-day curio cabinet. Creations ranged from ghoulishly painted Munny vinyl forms to polymer clay cuddlies. There was something for everyone -- including those who had never really gotten into the whole vinyl scene.

By just around 8 p.m., the line to enter Vinyl Thoughts reached around the building and admittance was one in-one out.

If you missed it, that's too bad, but there's still memories to be shared. We're sharing our favorite offerings from the show after the jump.

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