Our Ten Favorite Weird, Kinda Dead Things from Art Con's Fundraiser, "Mounted"

With as frequently as artists get approached for charitable donations, it's interesting to watch the energy shift of an Art Conspiracy event. There, volunteering gets competitive. We saw this again on Saturday night at "Mounted," where Dallas' best talents stepped forward to give time, build sets or donate original works of art for auction.

The show's highest bid went to a piece by surrealist sculptor Hobbes Vincent, which laterally split open the head of an imagined bear. The $850 that work brought in joins the rest of the night's haul, allowing our city's artful conspirators to launch the big moneymaker, Art Con 9, later in 2013. It was announced on Saturday night that this year's beneficiary is My Possibilities, a Dallas nonprofit organization serving adults with disabilities (Autism, Down Syndrome, Aspergers, Prader-Willi, head injuries, etc.)

We cruised through the auction and found our 10 favorite pieces, just in case you missed out.

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