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Pack Your Pillow and Sleeping Bag When You Go to the Galleries This Weekend

Have you ever wanted more from your visit to a gallery? A show that will make you feel invigorated or well rested? If you're able to sleep intimately with strangers on the questionably clean floor of a gallery space, you'll want to clear your schedule Friday night and head to Beefhaus in Exposition Park. Expanded Sleep: Performance for Somnolent or Sleeping Audience is an overnight music show during which more than 10 DFW musicians will perform while the audience snuggles into whatever sleeping bags and pillows they brought with them, hopefully even nodding off, allowing the music to seep into your ears while you sleep.


This performance wrestles with a question I ask myself in a different context almost nightly: do I dream more violently when my neighbor's dog barks incessantly into the night? When I fall asleep watching Friends on Netflix, do I dream with a laugh track? If something beautiful was tickling my aural reflexes would I dream more beautifully? Well, thanks to Ex Mus, this is the weekend to discover the answer to the latter. If you're able to fall asleep that is. I'm far too self conscious that I'll snore or drool to spend the night. And if you fall into that category, you should still check out the music from 9 p.m. to midnight. After that, it sounds like it will turn into something of a lock-in.

More information here.

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Lauren Smart
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