At 7 p.m. Sunday at Pizza Hut Park, 6000 Main St. in Frisco, Nickelback performs (with Daughtry and Puddle of Mudd). And I got the interview. Me: So, Nickelback, are there any plans in the works for you to stop singing like a constipated goat? Nickelback: How the hell'd we wind up like this? Me: It seems like you've always been like this. Will things be different at this concert in Frisco, or can we expect the same old scratchy voice and the bleached-out-I'm-Jesus-and-Nicole-Ritchie’s-crack-baby look that we've all come to know and not love? Nickelback: Someday, somehow, I'm gonna make it all right, but not right now. I know you're wondering when. Me: Yeah, I think we are all wondering when. I mean, it's just—it's just—Nickelback: Just like a paperback novel. Me: Yeah—just like a paperback novel. It sucks. I really do prefer hardbacks, don't you? Nickeback: Yeah, yeah, yeah—no, no. Me: You don't read, do you? Nickelback: It's not like you didn't know that. Me: Daughtry, Puddle of Mudd—any words, or are you just going to keep sitting there pretending to be bands? Puddle of Mudd: She fucking hates me. Daughtry: Daaaauuuugggtry. Tickets are $45.50 to $53.50. Call 214-705-9449 or visit
Sun., Aug. 19, 7 p.m.
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Alice Laussade writes about food, kids, music, and anything else she finds to be completely ridiculous. She created and hosts the Dallas event, Meat Fight, which is a barbecue competition and fundraiser that benefits the National MS Society. Last year, the event raised $100,000 for people living with MS, and 750 people could be seen shoving sausage links into their faces. And one time, she won a James Beard Award for Humor in Writing. That was pretty cool.
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