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If anybody in this city knows how to work a theme, it's those feisty fund-raisers at the Resource Center of Dallas. Whether it's superheroes or movie stars, their monthly GayBINGO parties are lavishly decorated with hosts and participants in elaborate costumes or otherwise decked out to the nines. It's a wonder they recoup any money considering how much time and effort go into throwing these affairs. (And it's even more amazing that those drag queens on roller skates don't bust their asses more often.) This month's theme promises to be extra chintzy, because tornadoes have nothing on GayBINGO when it comes to hitting the trailer park. Break out your holiest wife beater and head to the thrift store for some lime green Sansabelt pants. If you don't wash your hair for a week, you might be able to slick it back into a faux-mullet. Squeeze into that polyester tube top and don't worry about your wig catching on fire, because you can't smoke at this bingo parlor. It's doubtful they'll replace the seats in the historic Lakewood Theater with plastic lawn furniture, but surely some patio chairs will show up on the stage along with some pink flamingos. In fact, if all goes according to plan, it should be like a John Waters movie gone horribly right. But don't expect to show up on an episode of Ricki Lake just yet, because Talk Show GayBINGO isn't scheduled until September. Trailer Trash GayBINGO goes down Saturday at the Lakewood Theater, 1825 Abrams Parkway. Doors open at 5 p.m.; show starts at 6 p.m. $15. Call 214-540-4495 or visit --Jay Webb

Howling Holiday

They're in our mailbox every season: dozens of glossy holiday photos that feature adorable children in creative Christmas costumes. We'd like to show off our children, too, but they're four-legged, furry and would bite us if we stuffed them in a Santa suit. Bark humbug! But this year, we can mail some holiday cheer of our own, courtesy of Operation Kindness, which cares for homeless cats and dogs until they're adopted. The nonprofit hosts a holiday pet photo shoot with Santa (played by Live 105's Russ Martin, JD Ryan and Dan O'Malley) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. December 18 at Operation Kindness, 3201 Earhart Drive in Carrollton. The photo sitting and one page of prints is $15. Animals must be contained. Call 972-418-PAWS or visit --Stephanie Durham

Fine Powder

Millions of people have seen the 1954 holiday classic White Christmas, famous for Irving Berlin musical numbers like, well, "White Christmas." Sadly, not many in our offices can count themselves among those millions. An informal survey around the office (as in, "Hey! Anybody ever actually seen this flick?") was met with mostly negative responses (as in, "No," "Only a little bit" and "You mean the old '50s one, right? With Bing Crosby dancing around and stuff? Yeah, haven't seen it"). Luckily for us, The Rose Marine Theater, 1440 N. Main St. in Fort Worth, will feature White Christmas on its big screen Sunday at 2 p.m., so we'll be able to catch up with the rest of style. Admission is $10. Call 817-624-8333. --Sam Machkovech

Winter Mix

Enough with shopping, present wrapping, tree trimming and candy cane snacking. Bring on the yuletide yoga, chanting, water communion and ancestor honoring! Huh? In case your priest forgot to mention it, long before baby Jesus was a twinkle in the Virgin Mary's eye, long before any Maccabee lit a lamp, people were gathering to commemorate the Winter Solstice, the first day of winter and the shortest day/longest night of the year. Because it is a seasonal rather than a religious event, celebrations of the winter solstice bring together people of many beliefs. The 12th Winter SolstiCelebration will feature rituals, songs, poetry, dances, ceremonies and much more, all with the aim of exploring "how darkness can regenerate us and how light can redeem." The event is free, but do bring your own flashlight. The Winter SolstiCelebration takes place at Cathedral of Hope, 5910 Cedar Springs Road, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday. Visit --Michelle Martinez

Rest of Us

With Wal-Mart and virtually every other retailer in the country informing you that you do, indeed, have Seinfeld DVD fever, it's only perversely appropriate that the folks at the West End Comedy Theatre present a celebration based on Seinfeld character Frank Costanza's patented anti-commercialism holiday. Festivus, a Holiday for the Rest of Us, is a reaction to the grubbier side of our year-end festivities, in which friends and family gather around an aluminum pole (think what a Christmas tree would look like if designed for a Yoko Ono art exhibit) and "air grievances" that are supposed to have a cleansing, cathartic effect for the new year to come. Tests of strength follow, which we'll leave up to your imagination. For the nondenominational, an inoffensive get-together is promised on Sunday at 6 p.m., so RSVP while you can for true The West End Comedy Theatre is at 603 Munger Ave. Call 214-880-9990 or visit --Matt Hursh

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