Perfect Pair

Let's think of some made-in-heaven pairs: Siegfried and Roy. Willing and able. Bogey and Bacall. PB and J. Starsky and Hutch. Jake and, obviously, the Fatman. Bikers and Badges. Fruit 'n' Fibre. T and...Wait. Go back one. Not the cereal, the one before. Bikers and Badges? Where the hell did that come from? From the Million Dollar Ride for Children (benefiting National Children's Alliance, a nonprofit children's advocacy organization aimed at fighting child abuse), that's where. Once again, bikers and motorcycle officers from the Dallas Police Department are teaming up for the annual motorcycle rally—where leather vests mingle with Kevlar and hit the two-wheel path for safe and happy youth. The two-day rally begins with a Parade of Bikes 2:30 p.m. Friday (led by the Mavs’ Donnie Nelson) from Fair Park to the West End. West End also plays host to musicians, vendors, bike shows and more, with a North Texas Police Motorcycle Training Competition on Saturday. Check out for a complete schedule.
Fri., Sept. 8; Sat., Sept. 9
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Merritt Martin
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