Perot Museum Extends Animal Inside Out to February 23

If you haven't been to the Animal Inside Out exhibit at the Perot Museum yet, or if you'd like to go see it again, you're in luck: The Perot Museum has extended the exhibit until February 23rd.

Before you go, here's a reminder of the exhibition rules. I like to imagine Ross Perot saying them to me. You should, too:

Rule #1: No touching the stuff. You can't touch the specimens, you snot-handed little toddler shit. Stop trying to milk the half-skinned sheep's dingle.

Rule #2: Silence all mobile devices (Including the aforementioned snot-handed shits.)

Rule #3: No food or drink. That means you, Hot-fries sneaker-inner. Everyone smells you. There's no way you're getting away with this.

Rule #4: No professional photography. Personal use photography is OK, though. But shut up your phone.

Rule #5: Sketching in the exhibition is permitted only with the submission of sketching agreement form, available upon entry to the exhibition. If you wanna draw, just sign the form and draw away, buddy.

Have a great time at the museum. And remember to enjoy your time with the inside-outimals responsibly.

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