Perot Museum Says Book Your Bar Mitzvahs!

Nothing says "Forever" like extinction.

Remember when Atlanta housewife Cynthia Bailey got married underneath that menacing T-Rex skeleton in season three? Cameras cut to attendees whispers: "Isn't this is a terrible omen?"

Now you, the commoner, can also face forever under the looming eye (sockets) of raptors, stegosaurus, and other, extinct forms of life. The now fully funded Perot Museum of Nature & Science is taking reservations for 2013 events. According to the press release, "events" include: weddings and convention galas, birthday parties and quinceañeras, business meetings and bar mitzvahs.

If you have the cash to flash, you can throw an after-party down at the dinosaur mansion. And probably put silly hats on the T-Rex.

It begs the question: What's the strangest event you could plan at the Nature and Science Center?

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