Phenomenon: Kind Of A Big Deal

It barely feels like a year since the last Phenomenon event over at the Dallas Contemporary (161 Glass St.). Man, remember that party? (Flashback tinkly sounds and smoke go here.) Fresh off his wall-tackling mission around Dallas, Shepard Fairey proved that not all muralists and graffiti artists are also DJs. He played a solid set of wedding party jams — and here’s the thing: We danced like it was the craziest, best wedding any of us had ever been to. (I might blame the glowing Jell-O shots for part of our “freeness.”) It was a blast. That’s because the Contemporary knows a thing or three about throwing giant parties, and you can’t ask for a better place to drop a party bomb than inside the current Contemporary exhibition, Victory, by Chicago artist DZINE. The gallery space is set up like a car show, with lowriders poised in mid-switch-flip throughout the space. Massive chandeliers, constructed onsite, hang so low they almost scrape the showroom floor. You’ll dance through it all to house beats by DJ Derrick Carter. Get excited Dallas, it’s the biggest, flashiest party happening in the city tonight. Tickets cost $45 to $50. Visit
Sat., Feb. 9, 2013
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Jamie Laughlin
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