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Photos: The Dallas Opera is Rolling Out a Red Carpet for Fashion Designers

When the Dallas Opera posted the above photo online a few days back, I had to find out what was going on. When it comes to personal fashion, I tend to follow a staunch rule that anything I can't find at a second-hand rate isn't for me, but that is not to suggest I don't appreciate fashion as art. I think this design by Nicolas Villalba, which ignited TDO's Facebook feed on Friday, qualifies.

Villalba is one of six designers whose work will be featured at "First Night" on October 26, and every Friday leading up to this season's debut, TDO will feature a different designer on Facebook and Twitter.

A few weeks ago I was excited to learn about the schedule for the Dallas Opera's Brown Bags series because while I'm curious, I'm admittedly intimidated. I wasn't exposed to a diversity of music as a kid -- I went to a rural public high school so small that it couldn't support musical arts programs, including even a marching band -- and though I'm intrigued by the form's literary correlation, I wonder if I will be able to appreciate 2.5 to 3 hours of singing. I wonder which composer would be most appealing to me. Are there rules of etiquette outside of general good behavior? And who among my friends I can bait with promises of cocktails afterward ...

Something tells me I am not alone. And if I am, then send us some input. Luckily, I was able to cull a bit from the Dallas Opera's website, where they have an extensive Opera 101 section.

TDO's Communications Manager, Megan Meister, who handles the Fashion@theOpera blog, also graciously sent along photos from 2011's "First Night," featuring the designers who will again rock this year's red carpet. Meister also tells us that Paulette Martsolf of Allie-Coosh will be a new addition to this year's event.

Designer Nicolas Villalba (also featured above) with model Linda Ivy in a gown inspired by Mozart's The Magic Flute.

Designer Michael Faircloth with model Shannon Skokos in a gown inspired by Verdi's La traviata.

Designer Abi Ferrin with model Tanya Foster, in a gown inspired by Wagner's Tristan & Isolde (also pictured: Amethyst Rosenauer).

Designer Khanh Nguyen with model Elizabeth Kimple, in a gown inspired by Sir Walter Scott's Lucia di Lammermoor.

Designer Geoffrey Henning with model D'Andra Simmons, in a gown inspired by last season's "Tragic Obsessions" theme.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.