Phyllis Diller's Holiday Go-Go Boots are for Sale, Right Here in Dallas

They look like Mrs. Claus' sexytime footware, but there's a note attached. It explains that they were likely owned by another female icon, the star of Laugh-In, stand-up goddess and occasional Broadway stand-in, The Amazing Phyllis Diller.

The knee-hitting, red vinyl go-go kickers were snatched up in a lot sale in Phoenix, Arizona, part of a batch purchase of clothing owned by the star before winding up right here in Dallas.

And while Diller is bigger than life in nearly every respect, it turns out her bird legs finished into petite feet. The boots would probably fit a size 5 and-a-half or 6. They're topped off with white puffy fur, accented with rhinestones and will set you back $125.00. But for Phyllis Diller's holiday boots, I say: totally worth it. They're at LuLa B's, West.

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