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Picture Show: Scenes From Elm Street's Friday the 13th Tattoo Marathon

Yesterday, we previewed the annual Friday the 13th tattoo marathon at Elm Street Tattoo, which is still happening at this very moment, and you've got until midnight to get that "13" etched somewhere on your beautiful body.

We've got quite the collection of inked beauties here at the Observer, but now we've got one more to add to the ranks of tatted-up staffers that building security thinks are vandals. Our art director Alex Flores didn't have an ounce of ink on his body until today, not even a drunk-high-school-mistake dolphin tattoo. And, yeah, we joked yesterday that he got a unicorn tattoo recently, but that was just a temporary tat. Phew.

Today, Alex is a changed man and the recipient of a bright, new "13" on his forearm. Alex, along with photographer Steve Visneau, was first in line last night at Elm Street Tattoo, and the skin-art virgin was well aware of the honor. "Not only was it my first tattoo," said Alex, "It was also the first tattoo of the marathon and the first Oliver [Peck] had done in a week."

Tattoo artist Oliver Peck, who holds the Guinness World Record for completing the most tattoos in 24 hours, is hoping to put his stamp on 800 attendees at this year's marathon. If you've got 13 bucks (plus $7 in tip, for a cool $20 total) to spare, roll up your sleeve and take your place in line for your own work of superstition-swearing art.

If you're not ready for that kind of commitment or you're just broke, check out our picture show of the early morning festivities, courtesy of Steve Visneau. On Monday, we'll have video of Alex's ink-cherry being popped.

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