Picture Show: The Best Costumes From Saturday's Firewater

If ever there were two styles that could intermingle in a manner divine, perhaps the flowing dress and corsets of Victorian England and clockwork gadgetry of an altered history would be among the greatest. But, since we live in Texas, add in a dark mix of western-goth with some baroque cowboy, and you might just have some of the most interesting costumes conceived.

Such was the scene Saturday night at Excuses Cafe, where Firewater too place. A strangely entrancing mix of Steampunk and western influences made for one of the most visual appealing scenes in which one could be exposed to the melodic rhythms of industrial trance. Card tables and sword dancing just added to the already vibrant experience of visual over-stimulation.

Check out more photos in our slideshow, but after the jump are some of what we think were the best costumes from last Saturday.

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