Pile Of Secrets

If you need a conspiracy theory in Dallas, you've got options. You can head down to the corner of Elm and Houston, where the big-bellied guys with too much time on their hands stand beside photo montages of JFK's bloody scalp, pointing out inconsistencies in the autopsy. Or, this Saturday, July 11 (7/11--get it?), you can venture out to the Spring Creek Campus of Collin County Community College in Plano and learn about what really happened on September 11, 2001. That's right--"What You're Not Supposed to Know About 9/11--Building 7 Gone in 7," a 12-hour film festival complete with exhibits, articles, government documents and experts on hand, will uncover the "conclusive evidence and explosive video footage most Americans have never seen," according to the event's Web site. And why haven't you seen it? "Due to a virtual media blackout"--which, incidentally, is true. For just $10, the festival folks will fill you in on everything we at The Media haven't told you. And in the vein of media confessions, I'd like to thank ex-President George W. Bush for real-time editing this piece directly from his new library, which is just down the street from the Observer offices. I think he's just fabulous. Visit 711911.webs.com for details.
Sat., July 11, 2009
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Alexa Schirtzinger