Playing Games

There's something to be said about men in skirts—especially if they can toss 100- to 120-pound cabers (those giant, heavy wooden poles) around with ease. Watch what you say, though, because these guys are tougher than you in every way that counts. They're stronger than you physically (how high can you toss a 56-pound weight one-handed?), they can drink you under the table, they have stomachs of steel (haggis anyone?), and they have no qualms about walking around in flirty skirts—kilts, if you want to get technical about it.

Yes, it's time once again for the 20th annual Texas Scottish Festival & Highland Games. If it's Scottish, you're sure to find it at the number one-rated Scottish festival in North America (according to The Highlander magazine). In addition to the ever-popular Highland games, there will be Highland dancing, a kilted golf tournament, genealogy and history seminars, Scottish food and drink, fun for the kids and music all weekend long. And if bagpipes aren't your thing, you can always check out Canadian Celtic rock group Enter the Haggis (yes, that's their name) in their Texas debut. And, lest you forget, the largest pub tent in North America will be serving some of the best Scottish ales to keep you going. In the immortal words of Stuart Mackenzie (So I Married an Axe Murderer), "Let's get pissed!" The Texas Scottish Festival & Highland Games takes place Friday through Sunday at the University of Texas at Arlington's Maverick Stadium, 1307 W. Mitchell St. Tickets are $10 to $25. Call 1-800-363-SCOT or visit
June 2-4

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Jennifer Medina