Polly Wanna Dishwasher

From We Are the World to the Tibet Freedom Concerts, musicians have been selling their pet charities along with records, concert T-shirts, and logo baseball caps. There are festivals and records dedicated to everything from ending world hunger to aiding the American farmer. Though we're detached, even apathetic, toward causes that don't directly affect our lives, here's one almost anyone can understand.

Polly Maynard presents Kitchen Aid, a fundraiser that spoofs events like Farm Aid and countertop appliance-maker KitchenAid to benefit, well, herself. The Denton classical guitarist is singing for something to cook her supper in. She's renovating her kitchen and needs some new appliances, including a dishwasher so that her hard-earned guitar-playing calluses aren't ruined by pruny dishpan hands. See, she's not greedy. Her career is at stake here. (Besides her guitar history show The Reign in Spain and annual Halloween concert Death Twang, she also performs in outreach programs with local guitar societies.)

Brave Combo's keyboardist Carl Finch, woodwind artist Jeffrey Barnes, and bass player Bubba Hernandez will join Maynard and Baroque-style singer Karen Foster and mandolin and banjo player Gerald Jones for the concert. Maynard, who plays numerous classical stringed instruments from lute to the psaltery, will perform solo and with the other musicians in pieces such as a Cuban lullaby with poetry, Celtic standards, classical compositions, and dance songs. Besides live music, Kitchen Aid includes a display of Maynard's new kitchenwares, free refrigerator magnets, and snacks baked in her toy Easy Bake Oven. If only she had a Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine, the concert would be perfect. Those who can't attend can contribute to her strive for domestic sophistication by purchasing copies of her debut CD The Parasol, which features four suites inspired by Goya paintings and written by Clare Barnes Greer.

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Shannon Sutlief