Popcorn Is His Kryptonite

While some people may claim that popcorn is a delectable treat perfect for sharing, the folks at Pocket Sandwich Theatre think popcorn is more appropriately used as a projectile for audience engagement. Yes, it’s superhero spoof time with Captain Phantasm once again on the stage of Pocket Sandwich Theatre (5400 E. Mockingbird, No. 119). For the uninitiated, the Captain brings old-school superhero adventures to local audiences in these campy, participatory productions. This installment is called Captain Phantasm and the Countdown to Doom! Will it be about disabling a bomb? A mighty comet collision? Reaching the final page on the ancient superhero calendar and fearing the worst? Honestly, we don’t know. They like surprises at Pocket Sandwich. You, however, will want to be prepared, so arrive early for seating and food service, which starts an hour and a half before the show’s 8 p.m. curtain Thursday. And don’t forget to order extra popcorn. Performances run through February 16 and tickets are $10 to $20. Call 214-821-1860 or visit pocketsandwich.com.
Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: Jan. 10. Continues through Feb. 16, 2013
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Jennifer Medina