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And probably naive.

As much as I wish I could skew my thinking, as much as I want to link arms with you, sing "Kumbaya" by a campfire over roasted marshmallows, and find something positive to chat about--like those snazzy uniforms--I can't. Not me.

Too many years of negative conditioning, I guess.

In Philly--and in most cities not attempting to disguise an identity crisis and vast prairies with a few moderately tall buildings and a host of pretentious nightclubs--the bandwagon would have emptied out a few tumbleweeds back. Hell, they probably would have hung the wagoner in effigy just to make a point.

Who knows, maybe the Rangers are right, maybe the naysayers and few media disbelievers are just ignorant and impatient. Maybe they'll get this thing turned around, ascend the A.L. West ladder, win a fourth division crown in five years and shove the trophy right up my pessimistic Philly ass.

If they do, good for them--except for the last part.

Frankly, I don't see it happening. Thankfully, I think, my sphincter is safe. Too many games, too many teams. Too late in the season, too few productive players. Attitude, contrary to the Rangers' slogan, isn't everything.

Or maybe it is. Maybe I just don't get it. No, on second thought, I definitely don't get it.

But like I said, I'm not from 'round here, y'all.

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