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Price Goes Up Tomorrow for Frightmare Weekend

What's that, lady? You want to cover yourself in fake blood and pose in a prom photo with Anthony Michael Hall? Yeah, get in line. This weekend is Frightmare, a three-day celebration of gore, grindhouse and general film havoc. Maybe you've heard of a certain 20th Century Fox project called Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter? Well so did Asylum Films, that crazy little film company that brought you every wonderful Mega (creature) Vs. (animal) osaurus movie you ever hated yourself for loving. Asylum quickly ripped off the Abe flick and modified it, which means you'll get to see Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies this weekend!

Also, there's a Carrie look-alike prom party (where you can get your picture taken with A.M.H.); a They Live Q&A with Roddy Piper (!!!); a Q&A with the cast of the Walking Dead and a body bag full of awesomely campy movies. See the whole line-up here. Tickets get more expensive tomorrow. (A weekend pass jumps from $65 to $75 and day passes go up $5 a piece.)

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Jamie Laughlin
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